Monday, 28 April 2014

Fiona Norris tops the Qualifiers in Championship and Mel Watt in Bronze Trophy

Fiona Norris with a level par 73 was the top qualifier in the Championship over Strathaven Golf Club today but unfortunately she is unable to compete in the Match Play rounds due to work commitments.
The qualifiers for tomorrow's Match play round are:
Emma Caddow 75
Rena Canavan 80
Lauren D'Ambrosio 81
Allison Bell 81
Kirsten Brown 82
May Hughes 83
Alyson Hendry 84
Jenny Potter 85 acb
Janice Paterson 85 acb
Pat Hutton 85 acb
Ruth Rankin 85 acb
Fiona Scott 85
Emily Dunsmore 86
Susan Wood 88
Angela Devine 90
Elaine Morris 93.

Rachel Cassidy would have qualified with 84 but like Fiona Norris is unable to compete in the match play.
SS 74  CSS  76.
Draw for 1st round of match play
9.07 Emma Caddow v Elaine Morris
9.15 Janice Paterson v Jenny Potter
9.22 Kirsten Brown v Fiona Scott
9.30 Emily Dunsmore v Allison Bell
9.37 Lauren D'Ambrosio v Susan Wood
9.45 Ruth Rankin v May Hughes
9.52 Alyson Hendry v Pat Hutton
10.00 Angela Devine v Rena Canavan
Many apologies that the previous draw posted was incorrect.

Bronze Trophy
Melanie Watt 100
MaryF McCaughley 101
Sheena Boyd 104
Dorothy Loudon 105
SS 74  CSS 77 (Counting)
10.07 Mel Watt v Dorothy Loudon
10.15 Mary F MCCaughley v Sheena Boyd
For further scores go to How Did I Do.
The winner of the Centenary Salver was Rena Canavan with a net 69