Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Draw for Inter County Foursomes Final

The draw for the Inter County Foursomes Final at Cochrane Castle on Wednesday 7th June is below.
Time Name Club H'cap
09:30 Alyson McGinnigle/Carol McNally Cowglen/Williamwood 5.5
Anna Telfer/Lynn McColl Milngavie/The Carrick 9
09:38 Liz Keohone/Catherine Malcolm Loudoun Gowf/Prestwick St Cuthbert's 5
Marie Scott/Allson Bell Strathaven 13.5
09:46 Alex Glennie/Anne Edgar Kilmarnock Barassie 10.5
Lorraine Campbell/Laura McGeachy Cardross/Haggs Castle 6.5
09:54 Shirley Dalrmple/Adelia McEwan Hayston 14
Gill McLeod/Shona McVey Williamwood 11
10:10 Margaret Dalziel/Emma Thomson Loudoun Gowf 17
Ann Shanks/Rona Agnew Dumbarton 15.5
10:18 Gill Unick/Lorraine Morris Williamwod 12.5
Anne Lloyd/Pat Casey Hayston/Mount Ellen 15
10:26 Joanne Holley/Marie Lowson Strathaven 27.5
Barbara Cunningham/Kate Waddell Hilton Park 26
10:34 Jean Capes/Janette Stark Largs 15
Anita McMillan/Morag Key Erskine/Ralston 14
10:42 Maggie Magee/Liz Leggate Kilmarnock Barassie/Portpatrick 25
Aileen Woodland/Joan Anderson Strathaven/Wishaw 16.5
10:50 Lana McDonald/Karen Maxwell Hilton Park/Milngavie 14.5
Muriel Young/Marilyn Muir Old Ranfurly 13.5
10:58 Janice Martin/Shirley Morran Troon Ladies/Kilmarnock Barassie 23.5
Margaret Allan/Susan Greenshields Hollandbush/Drumpellier 21
 11:06 Sheila Steele/Margaret Stewart Hilton Park 10.5
Pamela MacKenzie/Lilias Snodgrass Ranfurly Castle 17.5

Entry for June Spoon is now open

The online entry form for the June Spoon at Cathkin Braes Golf Club on Monday 26th June is now on the sidebar.
Times are from 10.30am and 1.30am. 
Closing date 19th June.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Result of May Spoon

The results of the Spoon played at East Kilbride Golf Club today.
SS 73 CSS 73
Division 1
Fiona McWhirter 92 (18) 74
Jennifer Allan 86 (9) 77 acb
Ann Roulston 90 (13) 77
Scratch: Fiona Norris 83
Division 2
Nora Wilson 96 (23) 73
Pam Rice 97 (23) 74
Barbara Brown 102 (27) 75
Scratch: Ray Wilson 96 acb
2016 Spoon Final Winner Barbara Brown

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Team for Jamboree

The team for the Inter County Matches at Hamilton GC from 12th to 14th June is as follows:
Alyson Hendry, Hamilton
Lesley Lloyd, Hayston
Susan McGrenaghan, Mount Ellen
Fiona Norris, Hamilton
Eva O’Connor, Bothwell Castle
Molly Richmond, Strathaven
Katie Scott, Strathaven
Susan Wood, Drumpellier
Reserve: Ruth Hunter, Lanark

Monday, 15 May 2017

Draw for May Spoon

         SPOON and 2016 SPOON FINALS 
Please arrive early in case of changes to times
Time                     Player                                     Club               
1.04                 Moray Meechan                    East Kilbride
                        Fiona Norris                          Hamilton

1.11                 Jenni Allan                            Hamilton
                        Janice Smith                         Strathaven

1.18                 Joan Anderson                     Wishaw
                        Fiona McWhirter                   Cathcart Castle
                        Sheila Sergenson                 East Kilbride
1.25                 Ann Roulston                        East Kilbride
                        Carolyn Mackay                    Lenzie
                        Lynne Williamson                 Kirkhill
1.32                 Karen Ward                           East Kilbride
                        Lesley Neill                           Hamilton
                        Aileen Woodland                  Strathaven
1.39                 Joanne Holley                       Strathaven
                        Roxy Brown                          Hamilton
                        Pam Rice                               Strathaven
1.46                 Jean Macintyre                     Strathaven
                        Heather Stewart                    Hamilton
                        Ray Wilson                            Carluke
1.52                 Sheena Boyd                         Lenzie
                        Barbara Brown                      Strathaven
                        Anne Morrison                       Carluke
2.00                 Nora Wilson                           Strathaven
                        Ann Robertson                      Hamilton
                             Mairi Lowson                                 Strathaven

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Hayston Golf Club Ladies Open Tri Am

The Tri Am is being held on Tuesday 18th July. Cost is £8.00 per person. To enter for this competition online please click on the following link: https://www.brsgolf.com/hayston/opens_day.php  

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Congratulations Lesley

Congratulations to Lesley Lloyd who is leading qualifier for the West Vets' Championship following a 79 in the Vets' Summer Meeting at Ralston Golf Club yesterday.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Wishaw GC Ladies Open Day

This Open Strokeplay competition is being held at Wishaw GC on Sunday 18th June. Entry fee is £10. To download an entry form please click on the following linkEntry Form

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Inter County Foursomes Qualifiers

With very little sunshine but still in perfect weather for golf the qualifying round for the Inter County Foursomes was played at Crowwood Golf Club today.
Results- Qualifiers for Finals at Cochrane Castle GC on Wednesday 7 June
Scratch Qualifiers
1 Marie Scott &amp & Allison Bell, Strathaven, 89
2 Shirley Dalrymple & Adelia McEwan, Hayston, 92
Reserves: Anne Lloyd, Hayston, & Pat Casey, Mount Ellen, 93 BIH
                Aileen Woodland, Strathaven, & Joan Anderson, Wishaw, 93
                Lynne Williamson, Kirkhill & Gail Campbell, East Kilbride, 97 BIH
Handicap Qualifiers
1 Joanne Holley & Marie Lowson, Strathaven 102 (28) 74
2 Margaret Allan, Hollandbush, & Susan Greenshields, Drumpellier, 97 (21) 76
3 Aileen Woodland, Strathaven, & Joan Anderson, Wishaw, 93 (16 1/2) 76 1/2 
4 Anne Lloyd, Hayston, & Pat Casey, Mount Ellen, 93 (15) 78
Reserves: Anne Sillars & Jan McMillan, Hayston, 100 (19 1/2) 80 1/2 BIH
                Lesley Neill, Hamilton, & Dawn Warnock, Bothwell Castle, 107 (16 1/2)80 1/2
                Agnes McCall, Strathaven, &; Marion Craig, Strathaven, 101 (19 1/2) 81 1/2
Qualifiers for Commonwealth Spoons at Alyth GC on Monday 11th September. 
1 Joanne Holley & Marie Lowson, Strathaven, 74
2 Susan Greenshields & Margaret Allan 76 BIH
Reserves: Marie Scott & Allison Bell 76  
               Aileen Woodland & Joan Anderson 76 !/2  

Sunday, 7 May 2017

West of Scotland Championship

The West Championship was played today on a beautiful warm and sunny day at Kilmarnock Barassie Golf Club. This is the first time in 4 years that it has not been postponed due to bad  weather.
The winner with a score of 76 was Alyson McGinnigle, Cowglen ,with 76, BIH from,Emma Hale,Troon Ladies, with Susan Wood Drumpellier in third place with 77. 
Alyson had a 2 under par inward half.
Alyson also won the Handicap Trophy. with a Net 71. Lorna McClymont, Milngavie, and Elizabeth Wilson won handicap vouchers with a Net 75 .
The Ayrshire team of Emma Hale, Audrey Thompson and Lorna Ronnie won the Senior team trophy while the Junior Team Trophy was won by the Renfrewshire team of Niamh Kinney and Romy Erskine.
Jennifer Linklater, Liz Stewart and Catherine Garrett had 2s. 

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Draw for Inter County Foursomes Qualifying Round

    Inter County Foursomes
Crowwood Golf Club :  10th May 2017
Time Name Club Name Club
1.00pm Anne Lloyd Hayston Melanie Watt Strathaven
  Pat Casey Mt Ellen Barbra Brown Strathaven
1.07pm Agnes McCall Strathaven Jean Maddock Wishaw
  Marion Craig Strathaven Edna Taylor Wishaw
1.15pm Jean Macintyre Strathaven Anne Sillars Hayston
  Nora Wilson Strathaven Jan McMillan Hayston
1.22pm Susan Halley Strathaven S Dalrymple  Hayston
  Anne Cameron Strathaven Adelia McEwan Hayston
1.30pm Lynn Williamson Kirkhill Jean Allan Strathaven
  Gail Campbell East Kilbride Marion Brodie Strathaven
1.37pm Aileen Woodland   Strathaven Mari Scott Strathaven
  Joan Anderson Wishaw Allison Bell Strathaven
1.45pm Lesley Neil Hamilton Joanne Holley Strathaven
  Dawn Warnock Bothwell Castle Mari Lowson Strathaven
1.52pm Kay Cherrie Mt Ellen    
  Roxy Brown Hamilton