Sunday, 31 July 2022

Autumn Meeting Entries

The link to the online entry form for the Autumn Meeting Greensomes Competition on Monday 15th August from 1.30pm  at Carnwath G C is now on the sidebar. Entries close on Sun 7th August.  Entry Fee of £12 which includes a meal. 

Enter with or without a partner,

Monday, 25 July 2022

Photographs from today's Competitions at Wishaw

Winner of Morison Cup Katie Graham                        Runner Up Abigail McCafferty     

      Presentation to Wimmer Of Junior Championship Scratch Cup-  Jodie Graham

Results of today's competitions at Wishaw Golf Club

 Junior Champion Jodie Graham 77

R/U Katie Graham 78

Handicap Lindsay Main 72

R/U Ellie McManus 73

Morison Trophy

Winner Katie Graham 78 + 73 151

R/U         Abigail McCafferty 79 + 78 157

Handicap  Deirdre Anderson 68 + 71 139

Blackjack Trophy

Winner Janice Paterson 67

R/U          Deirdre Anderson              68

Weather was kind to us only one heavy shower which lasted for a few holes.  Well done to everyone who played.

Sunday, 24 July 2022

Entry form link for Tri Am

 The link to the entry form for the Tri Am at Cambuslang GC on Friday 5th August from 9.30am is now on the sidebar. Closing date Friday29th July.

Entry Fee £5.

Saturday, 23 July 2022

Information for players at Wishaw on Monday

On a Monday at Wishaw Golf Club only snacks are available between 11.00 AM and 4.00PM

Please click on the links below to view the menu.

Menu page 1 

Menu page 2

Thursday, 21 July 2022

Draw for Morison and Blackjack Cups and Junior Championship

 Draw for these competitions at Wishaw GC on Monday 25th July. 

Draw for Morison, Blackjack and Girls Championship.

9.06 Katie Graham  0.8 Jodie Graham  3.2 Abigail McCafferty  7.3

9.14 Lindsay Main 8.3 Deirdre Anderson 13.6 Ellie McManus 20.5


9.30 Fiona Norris 2.7 May Hughes 6.6

9.38 Alyson Hendry 4.7 Irene Morrison 12.7 Anne Mungall 20.9

9.46 Dawn Warnock 18.5 Heather Stewart 21.9 Pat Casey 21

9.54 Pam Rice 23.5 Norah Wilson 24 Sheena Boyd 24.9

10.02 Irene Nisbet 25.1 Mari Gilliland 27.3 Anne Scott 28.1

10.10 Marie Kirk 28.7 Barbara Brown 30.1 Jean Maddock 18.7

Afternoon Tee times

12.58 Katie Graham Jodie Graham Abigail McCafferty

13.06 Lindsay Main Deirdre Anderson Ellie McManus


13.22 Allison Bell 8.1 Janice Paterson 10.3

13.30 Joan Anderson 13.8 Kay Cherrie 18.3

13.38 Marie Scott 16 Susan Greenshields 18.2  Christine Paterson 19.1

13.46 Margaret Marshall 20 Anne Cameron 20.1       Evelyn Law 21.7

13.54 Helen Wilson 22.3 Jean Allan 25.6 Frances Stobo 30

14.02 Sarah Parker 19.2 Margaret Allan 38 Marion Craig 19

Saturday, 2 July 2022

Entry Forms for Moirson, Blackjack and Junior Competitions now available

The June Spoon will not be held this year.

The link to the online entry forms for the Morison and Blackjack Cups and Junior Championship are now on the sidebar.

 The Morison Cup on 25th July at Wishaw GC is a 36 hole scratch strokeplay competition for those with a handicap index of 20.4 or less.  For Juniors the first round also counts for the Junior Championship. For others the first round also counts for the Blackjack Cup.

The Blackjack Cup at Wishaw GC on 25th July is an 18 hole handicap strokeplay competition. with no handicap limit.

The Junior Championship at Wishaw GC on 25th July is an 18 hole strokeplay competition with a scratch and handicap trophy. It is open to all those under the age of 18 on 1st January 2022. No handicap limit.