Sunday, 29 June 2014

Pamela finishes fifth in Italian Ladies Oprn

In the Italian Open at Perugia Golf Club Pamela Pretswell finished tied for fifth place on 2 under par, 5 strokes behind the winner , Florentyna Parker of England. 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

More Photographs from Kennedy Salver

To view photographs taken by Margaret Reid please click on the link below.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Photographs from Kennedy Salver

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Draw for July Spoon

To view the draw for the July Spoon at Bishopbriggs GC on Tuesday 1st July click on the link below
Draw for July Spoon

D&A win the Kennedy Salver

The West Division Junior Inter County Matches were held today at Hamilton Golf Club. This is a handicap competition between teams of 7 players from Ayrshire, Dunbarton and Argyll, Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire. The competition consists of foursomes in the morning and singles in the afternoon with a complicated draw so that some competitors from each county play some from every other county.
The winners were Dunbarton &Argyll who won 8 1/2 games out of 9. Lanarkshire were  second  with 5 1/2 points, Ayrshire had 3 points and Renfrewshire 1.
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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Photographs from Day 3 of Inter County Matches

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Photographs from Day 2 Inter County Matches

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Renfrewshire wins Inter County Matches by narrow margin from Lanarkshire

Renfrewshire retained the West Division women's inter-county team championship after an exciting finish at Haggs Castle today.
They beat Dunbartonshire and Argyll 5 1/2-3 1/2 while their main rivals, Lanarkshire, beat Ayrshire 6-3.
Renfrewshire won title and a place in the Scottish finals by the smallest of margins over Lanarkshire - 16 ½ - 16 games .
It all came down to the Megan Briggs v Nichola Ferguson match.  After an up and down match, Megan sank a brilliant putt for a birdie 3 at the 17th  for a half with Nichola which proved to be the winning putt for Renfrewshire.
Ayrshire v Lanarkshire   3 - 6
Foursomes    0 - 3
Jaffrey/Thompson lost to Caddow/d'Ambrosio  3/1
Allan/Linklater lost to Norris/Potter  2/1
Glennie/MacGarvie lost to Cassidy/Lloyd 2/1
Singles  3 - 3
Allan lost to d'Ambrosio 3/1
Malcolm lost to Wood 4/2
Jaffrey bt Potter 6/5
MacGarvie bt Lloyd  3/2
Thompson bt Cassidy 2/1
Purdom lost to Caddow 4/3

Renfrewshire v Dunbarton & Argyll   5½ 3½
Foursomes   2 - 1
E Briggs/Milne lost to Hargan/Farrell   6/4
M Briggs/Whyte bt Ferguson/McGeachy  4/3
Kyle/Jackson bt Laing/Baker  2 up
Singles    5½ - 3½
E Briggs bt Campbell  4/3
Milne lost to Farrell  2/1
Whyte lost to Hargan 5/3
Jackson bt McGeachy  1 up
M Briggs halved with Ferguson
Stewart bt Laing 4/3

Final Places:
1.   Renfrewshire     5 match points    individual games 16½
2.  Lanarkshire       5 match points    individual games  16
3.   Dunbarton & Argyll  1 match point   individual games  11½
4.  Ayrshire   1 match point   individual games  10

Photographs fom Inter County Matches Day 1

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Lanarkshire Captain - Jean Macintyre and RLCGA Captain Gill McGinlay
Day 2 of the matches brought some close fought games with all four Counties sharing the honours.
In the Renfrewshire-Lanarkshire match Eilidh Briggs kept her unbeaten record in both games.  After going down in the morning foursomes, Renfrewshire came back strongly in the singles, with Liz Stewart coming from being down all the way to square the match on the 18th, giving Renfrewshire a vital half.

Renfrewshire v Lanarkshire
Foursomes  1 - 2
1.  E Briggs & K Milne beat E Caddow & L d'Ambrosio  6/5
2.  G Kyle & D Jackson lost to F Norris & J Potter 2/1
3.  M Briggs & C Whyte lost to L Lloyd & R Cassidy 2/1

Singles 3½ - 2½
1.  G Kyle lost to J Potter   6/5
2.  E Briggs beat R Cassidy  4/3
3.  K Milne lost to S Wood  1 up
4.  M Briggs beat  S McGrenaghan  6/4
5.  D Jackson beat F Norris  3/2
6.  L Stewart halved  L Lloyd


It was a similar story between D & A and Ayrshire with Ayrshire losing the foursomes then gaining the singles.  Anne Laing had a great win over the experienced Alex Glennie.

Dunbarton & Argyll v Ayrshire
Foursomes 2 - 1
1.  C Hargan & J Farrell beat L Allan & J Linklater 4/3
2.  N Ferguson & L McGeachy lost to A Glennie & H MacGarvie
3.  A Laing & A Baker beat C Malcolm & R Purdom 2/1

Singles  2½ - 3½
1.  J Farrell lost to C Jaffrey  4/3
2.  L Campbell lost to L Allan  3/2
3.  N Ferguson halved  H MacGarvie
4.  C Hargan lost to A Thompson  3/2
5.  A Laing beat A Glennie  7/6
6.  L McGeachy beat C Malcolm  3/2


Renfrewshire 1    Lanarkshire   1
Dunbarton & Argyll 1  Ayrshire 1

Total points after 2 days
Renfrewshire 3; Lanarkshire 3; Ayrshire 1; Dunbarton & Argyll  1

Tomorrows matches.

Monday, 16 June 2014


Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire both got off to a fast start today.   For Renfrewhire Eilidh Briggs had two good wins playing in the foursomes with Katrina Milne and in the singles she comfortably beat Connie Jaffrey 6/5.
For Lanarkshire Rachel Cassidy, Emma Caddow and Lauren d'Ambrosio all scored good wins.

Ayrshire v Renfrewshire  

Foursomes  ½ to 2½
1.  L Allan & C Malcolm lost G Kyle & D Jackson   3/2
2.  A Glennie & H MacGarvey lost E Briggs & K Milne  6/4
3.  C Jaffrey & A Thompson  halved M Briggs & C Whyte

Singles  - Ayrshire 2  RLCGA 4

1.  C Jaffrey lost  E Briggs               6/5
2.  H MacGarvie lost  K Milne        6/4
3.  J Linklater  halved  D Jackson
4.  L Allan won  G Kyle                   3/1  
5.  A Thompson lost M Briggs          4/2
6.  C Malcolm halved  C Whyte
TOTAL  - Ayrshire   2½  RLCGA  6½

Lanarkshire v Dunbarton & Argyll  

Foursomes  Lanarkshire 2½  D&A ½
1.  F Norris & J Potter won C Hargan & J Farrell   3/2
2.  R Cassidy & L Lloyd won N Ferguson & D Lavery 3/2
3.  S McGrenghan & S Wood  halved  A Laing & A Baker
1.  F Norris  lost  N Ferguson         4/3                      
2.  R Cassidy won J Farrell            4/2

3.  E Caddow  won  L McGeachy     3/2
4.  L d'Ambrosio won C Hargan      3/1
5.  S McGrenaghan lost A Laing      2 up
6.  J Potter lost  L Campbell            2 up                    
TOTAL: Lanarkshire  5½ D&A  3½      


Monday, 9 June 2014

Closing Date Reminder

The closing date for the Scottish Under 18 Close Amateur Championship at Dumfries and County from 15-19 July is on Monday 16 June .  The competition is open to those with a handicap of 34 or less. To enter online please click on the link below.
entry form

Very wet day at Carluke for June Spoon

Congratulations to those who finished the course.
SS 71 CSS 74 Reduction only
Division I
 Gross: Jean Meikle 96
Net: Jean Meikle 81
Division 2
Gross Lesley McTaggart 97
Net: Roxy Brown  78
        Lesley McTaggart 80
        Irene Cooper 84.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

County Mobile Phone number change

Unfortunately the phone number for the County mobile has had to be changed. The new number is
07716 149 022
If you need to withdraw on the day of the competition please phone this number.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Kennedy Salver Team Announced

The team to represent Lanarkshire at the Junior Inter County Matches for the Kennedy Salver at Hamilton Golf Club on Tuesday 24 June is as follows:
Ellie Bryce             Strathaven
Dionne Dorricott    Strathaven
Emily Glencorse     Millport
Erin Johnston         Lanark
Eva O'Connor          Bothwell Castle
Molly Richmond      Strathaven
Katie Scott             Strathaven
Please note that at the request of Hamilton Golf Club the date of the Kennedy Salver was changed from the 23rd to 24th June.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Draw for June Spoon

To view draw please click on the link below.
draw for June Spoon

Inter County Foursomes Final Results

Congratulations to May Hughes and Jenny Potter who won the scratch section and to Christine Main and Patti Chalmers who were 4th in the handicap section at Prestwick St Nicholas yesterday.
1st Lanarkshire May Hughes & Jenny Potter 79 (Count back last 6 holes)
2nd Ayrshire Catherine Malcolm & Roz Purdom 79
1st Ayrshire Liz Wilson & Linda MacDonald 85 - 10.5 = 74.5
2nd Ayrshire Alex Glennie & Anne Edgar 85 - 10 = 75
3rd Ayrshire Sandra Johnson & Nancy Shedden 96 - 20 = 76
4th Lanarkshire Patti Chalmers & Christine Main (Hayston) 96 - 17.5 = 78.5