Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Winter Foursomes and September Spoon Entry Forms

 Entry forms for Winter Foursomes and September Spoon are now on the sidebar.

Closing date for entries to Winter Foursomes is 1st September.

 September Spoon is on Sunday 11th September at Shotts GC. Closing date 4th September.

Monday, 15 August 2022

Autumn Meeting Rescheduled

 Due to adverse weather conditions, today's Autumn Meeting had to be cancelled but has been rescheduled for Monday 19th September from 11.56 am at Carnwath GC.

Closing date : 11 September. Entry Fee £12 (including a meal).

Link to entry form is now on the sidebar.

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Draw for Autumn Meeting

The draw for Autumn  meeting at Carnwath GC on Monday is below:


Anne Lloyd/Pat Casey

M. Stewart/ Lynn Stewart


Margaret Marshall/ Margaret Allan

Susan Greenshields/ Jennifer Wiles


Janice Paterson/ Dawn Warnock

  Lesley Lloyd/ May Hughes


Joan Anderson / Anita Carnachan

Deirdre Anderson/ Marie Kirk


Liz Lees/ Anne Mungall

Barbara Brown /Mary Frances McCaughley


Jean Maddock / Edna Taylor

Roxy Brown/ Anne Scott


Moray Meechan/Alyson Hendry

Fiona Norris/ Ann Roulston 


Friday, 5 August 2022

Tr1 Am Results

 We were fortunate to have dry and sunny weather for this morning's Tri Am at Cambuslang  GC,

The winners with a score of 60 were Marie Scott, Anne Mungall and Margaret Allan.

The runners up with a score of 62 (acb) were Irene Morton, Margaret Marshall and Roxy Brown.

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Tri Am Draw

 The link to the draw for the Tri Am at Cambuslang GC on Friday 5th August is below. Should you need to withdraw please contact Anne Mungall 


Sunday, 31 July 2022

Autumn Meeting Entries

The link to the online entry form for the Autumn Meeting Greensomes Competition on Monday 15th August from 1.30pm  at Carnwath G C is now on the sidebar. Entries close on Sun 7th August.  Entry Fee of £12 which includes a meal. 

Enter with or without a partner,

Monday, 25 July 2022

Photographs from today's Competitions at Wishaw

Winner of Morison Cup Katie Graham                        Runner Up Abigail McCafferty     

      Presentation to Wimmer Of Junior Championship Scratch Cup-  Jodie Graham

Results of today's competitions at Wishaw Golf Club

 Junior Champion Jodie Graham 77

R/U Katie Graham 78

Handicap Lindsay Main 72

R/U Ellie McManus 73

Morison Trophy

Winner Katie Graham 78 + 73 151

R/U         Abigail McCafferty 79 + 78 157

Handicap  Deirdre Anderson 68 + 71 139

Blackjack Trophy

Winner Janice Paterson 67

R/U          Deirdre Anderson              68

Weather was kind to us only one heavy shower which lasted for a few holes.  Well done to everyone who played.

Sunday, 24 July 2022

Entry form link for Tri Am

 The link to the entry form for the Tri Am at Cambuslang GC on Friday 5th August from 9.30am is now on the sidebar. Closing date Friday29th July.

Entry Fee £5.

Saturday, 23 July 2022

Information for players at Wishaw on Monday

On a Monday at Wishaw Golf Club only snacks are available between 11.00 AM and 4.00PM

Please click on the links below to view the menu.

Menu page 1


Menu page 2 


Thursday, 21 July 2022

Draw for Morison and Blackjack Cups and Junior Championship

 Draw for these competitions at Wishaw GC on Monday 25th July. 

Draw for Morison, Blackjack and Girls Championship.

9.06 Katie Graham  0.8 Jodie Graham  3.2 Abigail McCafferty  7.3

9.14 Lindsay Main 8.3 Deirdre Anderson 13.6 Ellie McManus 20.5


9.30 Fiona Norris 2.7 May Hughes 6.6

9.38 Alyson Hendry 4.7 Irene Morrison 12.7 Anne Mungall 20.9

9.46 Dawn Warnock 18.5 Heather Stewart 21.9 Pat Casey 21

9.54 Pam Rice 23.5 Norah Wilson 24 Sheena Boyd 24.9

10.02 Irene Nisbet 25.1 Mari Gilliland 27.3 Anne Scott 28.1

10.10 Marie Kirk 28.7 Barbara Brown 30.1 Jean Maddock 18.7

Afternoon Tee times

12.58 Katie Graham Jodie Graham Abigail McCafferty

13.06 Lindsay Main Deirdre Anderson Ellie McManus


13.22 Allison Bell 8.1 Janice Paterson 10.3

13.30 Joan Anderson 13.8 Kay Cherrie 18.3

13.38 Marie Scott 16 Susan Greenshields 18.2  Christine Paterson 19.1

13.46 Margaret Marshall 20 Anne Cameron 20.1       Evelyn Law 21.7

13.54 Helen Wilson 22.3 Jean Allan 25.6 Frances Stobo 30

14.02 Sarah Parker 19.2 Margaret Allan 38 Marion Craig 19

Saturday, 2 July 2022

Entry Forms for Moirson, Blackjack and Junior Competitions now available

The June Spoon will not be held this year.

The link to the online entry forms for the Morison and Blackjack Cups and Junior Championship are now on the sidebar.

 The Morison Cup on 25th July at Wishaw GC is a 36 hole scratch strokeplay competition for those with a handicap index of 20.4 or less.  For Juniors the first round also counts for the Junior Championship. For others the first round also counts for the Blackjack Cup.

The Blackjack Cup at Wishaw GC on 25th July is an 18 hole handicap strokeplay competition. with no handicap limit.

The Junior Championship at Wishaw GC on 25th July is an 18 hole strokeplay competition with a scratch and handicap trophy. It is open to all those under the age of 18 on 1st January 2022. No handicap limit.   

Monday, 27 June 2022

Résults of June Spoon

Division 1

1. Christine Paterson Strathaven 90 (20) 70

2 Dawn Warnock Bothwell Castle 97 (19 78

3 Jean Maddock Wishaw  98 (20) 78

Scratch: Christine Paterson 90

Division 2

1 Evelyn Law Hamilton 96 (22) 74

2 Barbara Brown Larkhall 108 (31) 77

3 Helen Wilson Bothwell Castle 100 (22) 78

Scratch : Evelyn Law 96

For all results go to HOW DID I DO

Saturday, 25 June 2022

Amended draw for June Spoon

 LLCGA June Medal  Colville Park Golf Club Mon 27th June 2022

Time Name    Club H/cap

10.06  AM          Abigail McCafferty             K/Hill 7.1  

                           Anne Lloyd                         Hayston 15.9

10.13                  Kerry Maksymuik Cathkin 11.2

                   Margaret Reid Lanark 16.2

10.20   Christine Paterson    S/Ven 19.5

          Kay Cherrie        C/wood 19.6

         Anne Armstrong        Hayston         20.6

10.27                Pat Casey        Hayston         20.7

         Mairi Gilliland        S/ven         27.1

        Anne Mungall        Airdrie         20.9

10.34 Roxy Brown        Hamilton         29.8

                        Marie Kirk        Drumpellier 29

         Marion Craig        S/ven 19

1.15 PM Dawn Warnock B/well         18.5

Susan Greenshield Drumpellier         18.2

Margaret Marshall Wishaw         22.8

1.22 Helen Wilson         B/well 20.6

Edna Taylor         Wishaw 22.7

Jean Allan          S/ven 24.7

1.29 Evelyn Law          Hamilton  21.9

Frances  Stobo           S/ven         29.2

Margt Allan                    H/bush 37.3

1.36 Linda Syme             S/ven 29.9

Barbara Brown             L/hall 30.2

                Jean Maddock                             Wishaw                        19.1           

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Well done Ruth

 Well done to Ruth Hunter who has qualified for the Net Matchplay Championship after 2 days of qualifying in the Scottish Senior Women’s Championship at Stranraer GC. She  will play Sandra Jackson In

the first round of 16 tomorrow.

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Congratulations Katie

 Comgratulations to Katie Graham who has been selected to represent Scotland the European Girls Championships at Oddur Golf Club, Iceland, 5 to 9 July

Monday, 20 June 2022

Draw for June Spoon

To view for the June Spoon please click on the link below


Should you need to withdraw please contact Marion Craig (contact details are on the fixture card).

Please arrive early in case of changes to times.

Thursday, 16 June 2022

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

It's a win for Lanarkshire

The Lanarkshire team played very well all week and today bear Ayrshire  6 1/2 - 21/2 to win the 2022 Inter Counfy matches. They will go forward to the Scottish County Finals at Kirkcaldy

Ayrshire finished second and Renfrewshire 3rd. 

  Time Result Lanarkshire Pts Pts Ayrshire Result

9.00am Megan Docherty 1 Freya Russell 3&1

Katie Graham         Luisa Gibson

5&4 Susan Woodhouse 1 Sarah Ramsey

Jodie Graham Jenny Linklater

3&2 Katie Scott 1 Rachel Foster

Leah Bryce Joanne Sharp

1.30pm 8&7 Megan Docherty1   Sarah Ramsey

7&5 Kirsten Brown 1 Joanne Sharp

Katie Scott 1 Luisa Gibson 5&4

Half Eva O'Connor ½ ½ Rachel Foster Half

5&3 Katie Graham 1 Katy Hill

2&1 Susan Woodhouse 1 Freya Russell

          Total Total

Time Result Renfrewshire Pts Pts D & A Result

9.30am Half Jennifer Rankine ½ ½ Lorna McClymont Half

Rosie Maguire Helen Goodwin

5&4 Liz Stewart 1 Laura McGeachy

Donna Jackson Vicky Hendren

1up Gillian Kyle 1 Lori Macdonald

Julie Wilson Maggie Kinvig

2.15pm Jennifer Rankine 1 Lorna McClymont 3&2

1up Rosie Maguire 1 Caroline King

Half Julie Wilson ½ ½ Lori Macdonald Half

3&1 Carol Whyte 1 Vicky Hendren

5&4 Donna Jackson 1 Maggie Kinvig

3&1 Alyson McGinnigle 1 Helen Goodwin

         Total 7 2 Total

The Lanarkshire team played very well all week and today bear Ayrshire   

Photographs from Day 2 of Inter County Matches

 For more photographs click on the following Link:


Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Wins for Ayrshire and Lanarkshire

 Ayrshire bt D&A while Lanarkshire bt Renfrewshire.

TTuesday 14th June 2022

Time Result Renfrewshire Pts Pts Lanarkshire Result

9.00am Half Jennifer Rankine ½ ½ Megan Docherty Half

Rosie Maguire Katie Graham

6&5 Gillian Kyle 1 Katie Scott

Julie Wilson Leah Bryce

Donna Jackson 1 Susan Woodhouse 1 up

Liz Stewart Jodie Graham

1.30pm Jennifer Rankine 1 Megan Docherty 4&3

Alyson McGinigle 1 Kirsten Brown 5&4

Gillian Kyle 1 Katie Graham 6&4

Carol Whyte 1 Eva O'Connor 4&3

Rosie Maguire 1 Katie Scott 4&3

Julie Wilson 1 Susan Woodhouse 3&2

          Total Total

Time Result Ayrshire Pts Pts D & A Result

9.30am 5&4 Luisa Gibson 1 Lorna McClymont

Freya Russell          Helen Goodwin

1 up Jenny Linklater 1 Lorraine Campbell

Sarah Ramsey         Laura McGeachy

6&4 Rachel Foster 1        Lori Macdonald

Joanne Sharp        Maggie Kinvig

2.15pm Freya Russell 1 Lorna McClymont 6&4

4&2 Katy Hill 1                Helen Goodwin

8&6 Luisa Gibson 1        Laura McGeachy

Jenny Linklater 1 Vicky Hendren 3&2

Joanne Sharp 1 Lorraine Campbell 5&4

3&2 Sarah Ramsey 1 Lori Macdonald

         Total 6 3 Total

omorrow's match between Ayrshire and Lanarkshire will decide the winner of the Inter County Matches.

Day 2 Foursomes results

 Renfrewshire .1.5 Lanarkshire 1.5

Ayrshire 3 D&A 0

Photographs from Day 1 of Inter County Matches

For more photos go to the following link


Monday, 13 June 2022

Wins for Lanarkshire and Ayrshire at Inter County Matches

 At Strathaven Golf Club today Lanarkshire beat D&A 7 1/2 -1 1/2  and Ayrshire beat Renfrewshire 5-1/2- 3 1/2

For full results go to the following link


Great result for LLCGA in Morning Foursomes

 Lanarkshire beat D&A 3-0

Ayrshire beat Renfrewshire 2-1.

More details later.

Sunday, 12 June 2022

Inter County Matches Start Tomorrow

The Inter County Matches start tomorrow at Strathaven GC. The  morning foursomes tee off at 9.ooAM and the singles at 1.30pm.

Lanarkshire Team

Kirsten Brown (East Kilbride}

Leah Bryce (Sandyhills)
Megan Docherty (Bishopbriggs)
Katie Graham (Hamilton}
Jodie Graham (Hamilton)
Eva O’Connor (Bothwell Castle)
Katie Scott (Strathaven)
Susan Woodhouse (East Kilbride)

Renfrewshire Team
Julie Wilson (Williamwood)
Donna Jackson (Cochrane Castle)
Gillian Kyle(East Renfrewshire)
Alyson McGinnigle (Douglas Park}
Jennifer Rankine (Haggs Castle)
Liz Stewart (Greenburn)
Carol Whyte (Milngavie)
Rosie Maguire (Pollock)

Ayrshire Team
Rachel Foster {Prestwick St Nicholas}
Luisa Gibson (Irvine)
Katy Hill (Prestwick St Cuthberts)
Jenny Linklater (Largs)
Sarah Ramsay (West Kilbride)
Lorna Ronnie (Kilmarnock Barassie)
Freya Russell (Royal Troon)
Joanne Sharp ( Kilmarnock Barassie)

Dunbarton & Argyll Team
Laura McGeachy (Haggs Castle)
Lorraine Campbell (Cardross)
Lorna McClymon (Milngavie)t
Lori McDonald (Cardross)
Vikki Hendren (Cardross)
Caroline King  ( Clober)
Maggie Kinvig (Cardross)
Helen Goodwin (Hilton Park)

Friday, 10 June 2022

West Inter County Foursomes Final results

Congratulations to Helen Wilson and Sarah Parker winnere of the handicap section at foursome Finals hosted by Renfrewshire at Elderslie GC yesterday.
The scratch section was won by Donna Jackson and Liz Stewart.

Handicap: 1st Helen Wilson and Sarah Parker (Lanarkshire) 70

2nd Jocelyn Faris and Jane Gillen (Ayrshire) 73

3rd Jean Leitch and Helen MacDonald (Dunbartonshire & Argyll) 74

4th Fiona Armour and Brenda Mulholland (Renfrewshire) 76 BIH
!st Donna Jackson and Liz Stewart  (Renfrewshire 80
2nd  Sheila Steele and Margaret Stewart (Dunbartonshire & Argyl)  84.

Photographs courtesy of Sandra Littlejohn and Fiona Armour


Wednesday, 8 June 2022

June Spoon Entry Form

 The link to the entry form for the June Spoon at Colville Park GC on 27th June is now on the sidebar.

The closing date for entries is Monday 21st June.

Friday, 3 June 2022

Megan Qualifies For Championship Matchplay

After 2 qualifying rounds in he Scottish Women's Close Championship at Trump International Golf Links today Megan Docherty Qualified in 12th place with rounds of 76 and  78 over the par 72 course.

Well done Megan and good lock tomorrow.

Thursday, 26 May 2022

Anne Walker's Stanford Team win the DI NCCA's Championship

 Stanford University Ladies Golf Team, coached by Anne Walker, have won the Division 1 US national collegiate championship for a second time. They beat Oregon 3-2.

Anne is a  member of Strathaven GC and former member of LLCGA and now has a very successful career as  a coach in the USA. She has been coach of Stanford University Ladies Golf Team for the past 10 years. 

For more information on the Championship win go to the following link:  


Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Results of Inter County Foursomes Qualifying Round

Results of Foursomes played at Crowwood GC today are as follows:


1. D Anderson & L Lees- 87

2 L Williamson & A McCafferty- 93


1 L Neill & E Law- 95(23) 72

2 M Kirk & A Mungall- 102(28.5) 73.5

3 A Armstrong & K Cherrie- 98(23) 75

4 P Casey & A Lloyd- 96(21) 75

However as  a number of the above are not available to play on 9th June at Elderslie GC the qualifiers to play at Elderslie are:

Scratch: D Anderson & L Lees

              P Warlow & K Maksymuik

Handicap: M Kirk & A Mungall

                 P Casey & A Lloyd

                M Stewart & L Stewart

                H Wilson & S Parker


Thursday, 19 May 2022

Many Congratulations Ruth

Ruth (left) with Debbie before the semi final

Well done Ruth Hunter in winning the West Vets Championship at Renfrew Golf Club today.
Ruth beat Debbie Peberby 2&1 in the semi final and  Gillian Kyle 3&2 in the final.
Ruth played exceptionally well, 2 over for the first 9 and at that point 3up. She Halved lots of holes until the 13 to go two up then won 15 to go back to 3up. She  finished at 16 with a par to win 3&2.
She will now represent the west at Blairgowrie in September in the Scottish finals.


Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Ruth reaches Championship Semi-final

In a close all Lanarkshire quarter final in the West Vets Championship yesterday at Renfrew GC Ruth Hunter beat Lesley Lloyd 1up.

Deirdrie Anderson and Alyson Hendry also lost at the quarter final stage.

Well done Ruth and good luck in your semi final against Debbie Peberdy tomorrow morning.  

Monday, 16 May 2022

Draw for Inter County Foursomes Qualifying Round

 Inter County Foursomes Qualifying Round

Crowood GC on 23rd May 2022

1.30pm   Anne Lloyd & Pat Casey, Hayston


1.37pm.  Helen Wilson & Sarah  Parker, Bothwell Castlev

               Anne Armstrong ,Hayston, & Kay Cherrie, Crowwood

1,45pm.  Jodie Graham & Katie Graham, Hamilton

                Pauline Warlow &KerryMaksymuik, Cathrin Braes    

1.52pm   Jean Allan & Francis Stobo, Strathaven

               Maj Stewart & Lynn Stewart, Hamilton

2.00pm   Lynn Williamson & Abigail McCafferty, Kirkhill

               Liz Lees, Hamilton & Deirdre Anderson, Dullatur

2.07pm  Margaret Marshall, Wishart & Margaret Allan, Hollandbush

              Anne Scott & Barbara Brown, Larkhall

2.15pm   Lesley Neil &Evelyn Law,  Hamilton

                Marie Kirk , Drumpellier & Anne Mungall, Airdrie

Sunday, 15 May 2022

May Spoon Results

 The result of the spoon competition held at Airdrie Golf Club today is as follows:


Lesley Neill 87 (17) 70

Kay Cherrie 91(19) 72

Deirdre Anderson 85 (12) 73

Scratch Eva O’Connor 77

Division 2

Margaret Marshall 97 (22) 75

Barbara Brown 105 (29) 76

Shena Boyd 104 (24) 80

Scratch Margaret Marshall 97

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Draw for May Spoon

LLCGA May Medal Draw

Airdrie GC, Sunday 15th May 2022

If you are unable to play please contact Anne Mungall.  Please arrive early in case of changes to times.

Time Player Club


Jodie Graham Hamilton

Eva O'Connor Bothwell Castle


Leah Bryce Sandyhills

Abigail McCafferty Kirkhill

13.48 Kerry Maksymuik Cathkin Braes

Deirdrie Anderson Dullatur

Lesley Neil Hamilton

13.54 Susan Greenshields Drumpellier

Fiona McWhirter Cathcart Castle

Kay Cherrie Crowwood

14.00 Heather Stewart Hamilton

Margaret Marshall Wishaw

Sheena Boyd Lenzie

14.08 Edna Taylor Wishaw

Anne Scott Larkhall

Barbara Brown Hollandbush


Sunday, 8 May 2022

Jennifer is West of Scotland Champion

 Congratulations to Jennifer Rankine, Renfrewshire in Winning the West of Scotland Championship at Glasgow Gailes today.

List of Prize winners:

Champion- Jennifer Rankine 72

Runner Up- Rosie McGuire, Renfrewshire, 74

3rd Scratch- Ruth Hunter, Lanarkshire, 75

4th Scratch- Liz Stewart, Renfrewshire 76

Handicap Trophy- Caroline King, D&A 68

2nd handicap- Lorna Ronnie, Ayrshire 71

Team Trophy- Renfrewshire ( Jennifer Rankine, Lesley Robertson, Gillian Kyle)

Junior Team Trophy- Renfrewshire ( Rosie McGuire, Katie Dunne, Lucie Barclay)

To view more photographs please click on the link below.

More Photographs

Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Draw for West of Scotland Ladies Championship

 The link to the draw for the West of Scotland Ladies Championship at Glasgow Gailes on Sunday 8th May is shown below.

Please arrive early in case of changes to times.


Monday, 2 May 2022

Death of June Lockhart

We in Lanarkshire are very sad to hear of the death of June Lockhart  on Sunday 1st May.

June was  a well liked  and respected lady who loved her golf and contributed much to golf in return. She was Captain of Renfrewshire in 2017  and 2018 and of West Vets in 2016-2017.  

The above photograph was taken at last year's West Championship where June was beaten by the better inward half for the Handicap Trophy,

She will be missed by her many friends.

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Jodie wins the Championship


to Jodie Graham who sank a 20ft putt on the 18th to beat Katie Scott by 1 hole to win the Lanarkshire Championship.. It was a very close game with the lead changing a few times. Jodi was 3 up after 4 but then Katie won 4 holes in a row to go 1 up. Katie was 1 up after 16 but Jodi won 17 and then won with that birdie putt at 18.

Prize winners
Champion: Jodi Graham
Runner Up; Kati Scott
Losing semi finalists: Susan Wood and Alyson Hendry
Leading Qualifier: Susan Wood
Winner of Centenary Salver: Irene Morrison
Bronze Champion: Jennifer Wiles
Runner Up: Mairi Gilliland
Leading Bronze Qualifier: Anne Cameron

To view more photographs click on the link below

Championship Day 3

 Congratulations to Jennifer Wiles in winning the Bronze Championship at Drumpellier Golf Club this morning.

The final this afternoon at 2pm will be between Katie Scott (3&2) and Jodie Graham (1 up).

Well done all.


Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Championship- Day 2 Resuls

 Championship Semi Finals start at 9.00Am and Bronze Final at 9.25. Championship Final at 1,30 PM

Round one

Quarter Final

Semi Final


Susan Wood





Susan Wood      7/6









Susan Wood


Joan Anderson





Adelia McEwan 



Adelia McEwan  6/4








Deirdrie Anderson 2/1





Deirdrie Anderson 



Lesley Neill






Katie Scott  







Katie Scott    &/6



Katie Scott








Alyson Hendry





Alyson Hendry     3/2









Alyson Hendry


Lynne Feeley





Eva O’Connor



Eva O’Connor 6/5








Angela Devine  2 up





Angela Devine 



Sarah Parker






Jodie Graham 







Jodie Grahan    6/5



Jodie Graham




 Bronze Draw

Semi Final


Anne Cameron



Jennifer Wiles

Jennifer Wiles2/1




Hazel Wilson



Mairi Gilliland

Mairi Gilliland   3/1