Wednesday, 15 June 2022

It's a win for Lanarkshire

The Lanarkshire team played very well all week and today bear Ayrshire  6 1/2 - 21/2 to win the 2022 Inter Counfy matches. They will go forward to the Scottish County Finals at Kirkcaldy

Ayrshire finished second and Renfrewshire 3rd. 

  Time Result Lanarkshire Pts Pts Ayrshire Result

9.00am Megan Docherty 1 Freya Russell 3&1

Katie Graham         Luisa Gibson

5&4 Susan Woodhouse 1 Sarah Ramsey

Jodie Graham Jenny Linklater

3&2 Katie Scott 1 Rachel Foster

Leah Bryce Joanne Sharp

1.30pm 8&7 Megan Docherty1   Sarah Ramsey

7&5 Kirsten Brown 1 Joanne Sharp

Katie Scott 1 Luisa Gibson 5&4

Half Eva O'Connor ½ ½ Rachel Foster Half

5&3 Katie Graham 1 Katy Hill

2&1 Susan Woodhouse 1 Freya Russell

          Total Total

Time Result Renfrewshire Pts Pts D & A Result

9.30am Half Jennifer Rankine ½ ½ Lorna McClymont Half

Rosie Maguire Helen Goodwin

5&4 Liz Stewart 1 Laura McGeachy

Donna Jackson Vicky Hendren

1up Gillian Kyle 1 Lori Macdonald

Julie Wilson Maggie Kinvig

2.15pm Jennifer Rankine 1 Lorna McClymont 3&2

1up Rosie Maguire 1 Caroline King

Half Julie Wilson ½ ½ Lori Macdonald Half

3&1 Carol Whyte 1 Vicky Hendren

5&4 Donna Jackson 1 Maggie Kinvig

3&1 Alyson McGinnigle 1 Helen Goodwin

         Total 7 2 Total

The Lanarkshire team played very well all week and today bear Ayrshire