Monday, 26 May 2014

Lanarkshire Team for Inter County Matches

The team for the Inter County Matches at Haggs Castle from 16-18 June is as follows:
Emma Caddow, Strathaven
Rachel Cassidy, Bothwell Castle
Lauren D'Ambrosio, Carluke
Lesley Lloyd, Hayston
Susan McGrenaghan, Mount Ellen
Fiona Norris, Hamilton
Jenny Potter, Cathkin Braes
Susan Wood, Drumpellier

Times available for Mt Ellen Greensomes

If you would like to play in the Mount Ellen Geensomes on 22nd June please contact Anne Lloyd.

Gabrielle is 100th Scottish Champion

Gabrielle Macdonald, Craigielaw, became the 100th Scottish Champion by defeating Connie Jaffrey, Ladies Golf Club Troon, at the 19th at Prestwick Golf Club on Saturday.
Emma Hale, Ladies Golf Club Troon won the Clark Rosebowl. 

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Only Kirsten survived the first round of Matchplay

In the first round of the Clark Rosebowl Kirsten Brown defeated Linzi Allan 2&1 but was defeated 3&2 in the second round by Heather Munro.
In the first round of the Championship Susan Wood was defeated 4&3 by Gabrielle MacDonald  while Lauren D,Ambrosio was defeated 4&3 by Eilidh Briggs 4&3.
In the Clark Rosebowl Jenny Potter was defeated 1 up by Jillian Farrell, Ruth Rankin lost 4&3 to Tara McTaggart and Ellie Bryce lost by 1 hole to Alison McBride.
The Quarter Finalists in the Championship are Connie Jaffrey, Lauren Whyte, Lesley Atkins, Eilidh Briggs, Megan Briggs, Rachel Walker, Gabrielle MacDonald and Ailsa Summers.

22 May 2014

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Some Lanarkshire Qualifiers for Matchplay in Scottish Championship

On a calmer day today several of our players improved their scores enough to qualify for the matchplay rounds. Susan Wood and Lauren D'Ambrosio have qualified for the Championship while Ellie Briggs, Ruth Rankin, Kirstin Brown and Jenny Potter   have qualified for the Clark Rosebowl.
Connie Jaffrey was the leading qualifier for the Championship with a score of 149 ( 73, 76 ).
Scores of the Lanarkshire Qualifiers
Susan Wood                 165 ( 82,83 )
Lauren D'Ambrosio       169 ( 89,80 )
Ellie Bryce                   173 ( 84,89 )
Ruth Rankin                 174 ( 91,83 )
Kirstin Brown               175 ( 92, 83)
Jenny Potter                175  (92, 83)
For all scores go to the Kirkwood Website or Live Scoring.
Scottish Championship 2014 Day 2
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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Connie Jaffrey leads in Scottish Championship

Connie Jaffrey , Ladies Golf Club Troon, is leading the first round of the Scottish Championship with an excellent 1 under par 73 at Prestwick Golf Club today.
Others found conditions on this difficult course with its deep rough, deep bunkers, out of bounds burn and an increasingly strong wind  very tricky.
A number of Lanarkshire members are competing. The leading player from Lanarkshire is Susan Wood who is tied 11th with an 82 followed by Ellie Bryce with an 84. To see all the scores go to the Kirkwood Website or  the live scoring by clicking on the following link  live scoring . 
The leading 32 players after tomorrow's round qualify for the matchplay championship while the next 16 qualify for the Clark Rosebowl.
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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Results of May Spoon

May Spoon was held today at a warm and sunny East Kilbride Golf Club when Some good scoring resulted in the CSS coming down to 72 .
SS73, CSS 72
Lesley Lloyd        Hayston                 74
Ann Roulston       East Kilbride          68
Molly Richmond  Strathaven              69
Lesley Lloyd        Hayston                 72

Division 2
Nora Wilson         Strathaven             90  BIH
Nora Wilson         Strathaven             70
Jean Macintyre    Strathaven             73 BIH
Roxy Brown         Hamilton                73
For the full list of scores go to How Did I Do

Draw for Inter County Foursomes Final at Prestwick St Nicholas GC

Monday 2 June 2014
Tee Time Names County
09:00 Liz Keohone & Audrey Thompson Ayrshire
Donna Jackson & Liz Stewart Renfrewshire
09:10 Catherine Malcolm & Rosalind Purdom Ayrshire
Carol Whyte & Katrina Milne Renfrewshire
09:20 May Hughes & Jenny Potter Lanarkshire
Lorraine Campbell & Laura McGeachy Dunbarton & Argyll
09:30 Jane Lees & Gail Campbell Lanarkshire
Aileen Baker & Isobel Harvey Dunbarton & Argyll
09:40 Sandra Johnson & Nancy Shedden Ayrshire
Susan Reid & Barbara Lyle Renfrewshire
09:50 Margaret MacGregor & June Kerr Ayrshire
Gillian Kyle & Audrey MacKenzie Renfrewshire
10:00 Liz Wilson & Linda MacDonald Ayrshire
Carol Fell & Fiona Roger Renfrewshire
10:10 Alex Glennie & Anne Edgar Ayrshire
Marion Stewart & Lynda Bradley Renfrewshire
10:20 Louisa McCartney & Rena Canavan Lanarkshire
Carol Sim & Fiona Cowan Dunbarton & Argyll
10:30 Margaret Marshall & Joan Anderson Lanarkshire
Olive Spicer & Maureen Cochrane Dunbarton & Argyll
10:40 Patti Chalmers & Christine Main Lanarkshire
Elinor Grant & May Myers Dunbarton & Argyll
10:50 Jennifer Wiles & Joyce McGowan Lanarkshire
Liz McLean & Karen Haggarty Dunbarton & Argyll

Monday, 12 May 2014

Inter County Foursomes Finals

Those who will be representing Lanarkshire in the Inter County Foursomes Finals at Prestwick St Nicholas Golf Club on Monday 2 June are
May Hughes and Jenny Potter
Jane Lees and Gail Campbell
Louisa McCartney & Rena Canavan
Margaret Marshall & Joan Anderson
Patti Chalmers & Christine Main
Jennifer Wiles & Joyce McGowan

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Draw for EK Spoon

To view the draw for EK Spoon on Sunday 18 May click on the link below
draw for EK Spoon

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Inter County Foursomes Results

The Inter County Foursomes Qualifying Round was held at Cawder Golf Club ( Keir Course) today in nice weather.
1 Jenny Potter ( Cathkin Braes) & May Hughes ( Lanark) 77
2 Jane Lees ( Cathkin Braes) & Gail Campbell ( East Kilbride ) 83
1 Louisa McCartney (Dullatur ) & Rena Canavan ( Dullatur ) 72
2 Margaret Marshall ( Wishaw ) & Joan Anderson ( Wishaw ) 76.5
3 Patti Chalmers ( Hayston ) & Christine Main ( Hayston ) 77
4 Jean Macintyre ( Strathaven ) & Nora Wilson ( Strathaven ) 77.5
Final is on 2nd June at Prestwick St Nicholas
Commonwealth Spoons Qualifiers
1 Jenny Potter & May Hughes 72
2 Jane Lees & Gail Campbell 73.5
3 Louisa McCartney & Rena Canavan 74.5

Sunday, 4 May 2014

West of Scotland Championship is cancelled

The West Championship was cancelled today due to heavy mist and so poor visibility at Windyhill Golf Club. It has been rescheduled for Sunday 14th September.

Thursday, 1 May 2014