Sunday, 19 May 2013

Results of May Spoon

The May Spoon was held on a cloudy but dry day at Cathkin Braes G C today . Conditions were wet underfoot after the heavy rain yesterday.
SS 72  CSS 72
Please note that the CSS of 75 calculated by the computer earlier was wrong. It is not reduction only. There was a fault in the programme which has now been repaired. The 72 has been verified manually.
Division1( handicaps 16 and under)
Lesley Watson   76(6)   70
Karen Miller      84(13) 71
Paula McArthur 84(12) 72
Scratch : Lesley Watson
Division 2( handicaps 17 and over)
Hilda Everett     93(17)  76
Margo Paterson 94(17)  77
Joan Anderson  99(19)  80
Scratch: Hilda Everett