Sunday, 4 November 2018

Lanarkshire win friendly match v East Lothian

It was a beautiful day for our annual match against ELLCGA at Hamilton GC after the terrible rain yesterday. The course held up well and they all enjoyed their  games although the greens were very inconsistent. The results are as follows
Susan Wood.                          Halved with            Kay Lannin
Susan McGrenaghan.                                            Gail McKill
Eva O'Connor.                         Lost 3/2.                Susan Penman
Justine Fulton.                                                       Alyssa Balding
Fiona Scott.                             Won 3/2.               Sharon Lynch
Katie Graham.                                                        Dulcie Barnes
Ruth Hunter.                            Won 1 up.             Marylou Watkins
Angela Devine.                                                      Dianne Brown
Jennifer Reilly.                         Halved with.         Ala Garda
Leah Bryce.                                                           Annie Wilson
We were very pleased to say we won the match and they look forward to hosting us through in East Lothian next year. Thanks have to be given to Hamilton Golf Club for the courtesy of the course and the catering we had today.