Thursday, 14 June 2018

Renfrewshire Win Inter County Matches

After a very close finish Renfrewshire beat Ayrshire 5-4 to win this year's West Inter County Matches. The Match was decided by the result of the last match which finished on the 17th.
FOURSOMES -   D&A 0 Lanarkshire 3 
Lorraine Campbell & Fiona Rattray lost to Fiona Norris & Molly Richmond 1Dn
Claire Hargan and Laura McGeachy lost to Eva O’Connor & Katie Scott 1 Hole (Long putt by Eva on the 18th to win)
Anne Laing and Caroline King lost to Susan Wood and Kirsten Brown 8/6

SINGLES: D&A 4 Lanarkshire 2
Lorna McClymont lost to  Molly Richmond 4/3
Lori MacDonalld lost to Eva O’Connor 2&1
Laura McGeachy beat  Justin Fulton 6/5
Lorraine Campbell beat Lesley Lloyd 1 up
Fiona Rattray beat  Katie Scott 5/3
Anne Laing beat  Kirsten Brown 2/1

FINAL TOTAL  -   D&A  4 Lanarkshire 5


FOURSOMES -  Renfrewshire  1.5 Ayrshire 1.5 
Jennifer Rankine & Gillian Kyle lost to Hazel McGarvie and Louise Duncan 4/3
Liz Stewart & Emma Kennedy halved with Liz Keohone and Lorna Ronnie
Alyson McGinnigle & Julie Wilson beat Jenny Linklater and Alex Glennie 3/2

SINGLES: Renfrewshire 3.5 Ayrshire 2.5
Jennifer Rankine halved with Hazel McGarvie
Alyson McGinnigle beat Jenny Linklater 5/4
Emma Kennedy lost to Louise Duncan 2 Dn
Liz Stewart beat Emma Hale 3/2
Carol Whyte lost to Rachael Foster 3/2
Donna Jackson beat Lorna Ronnie 2 /1
FINAL TOTAL -- Renfrewshire 5 Ayrshire 4

Renfrewshire 5
Ayrshire    4             
Lanarkshire   3          
D & A      0