Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Draw for Autumn Meeting

24 August 2011 - Hayston Golf Club
Starting Times

10.00 J McMillan and A Sillars (Hayston)
W Cossar and M Porteous (Drumpellier)

10.08 P Warlow (Cathkin) and T Macpherson (Langlands)
L Lloyd (Hayston) and F Scott (Bothwell Castle)

10.15 J Allan and M Brodie (Strathaven)
J Watt (Airdrie) and M Paterson (Bothwell Castle)

10.23 M Porter and M Craig (Strathaven)
K Lyons and C Young (Kirkhill)

10.30 J Macintyre and I Nisbet (Strathaven)
A Prentice (Bothwell Castle) and M Allan (Hollandbush)
10.38 P Casey (Mt Ellen) and A Lloyd (Hayston)
J McGowan (Bothwell Castle) and J Wiles (Drumpellier)
10.45 A McEwan and C Main (Hayston)
M Hull and E Caddow (Strathaven)
10.53 B Smith and L McTaggart (East Kilbride)
S Wood (Drumpellier) and J Potter (Cathkin Braes)
11.00 N Kenny and S Sergenson (East Kilbride)
K Cherrie (Mount Ellen) and R Brown (Hamilton)
11.08 A Cameron and A Woodland (Strathaven)
A Brown and F Chalmers (Bothwell Castle)
11.15 D Loudon and C Smith (Strathaven)
I Morrison (Drumpellier) and E Wilson (Kirkhill)
11.23 A Clark and J Glass (Drumpellier)
E Morris and J Meikle (Hamilton)
Tea/coffee and bacon rolls will be available from 9.00 am with soup and sandwiches after play.
Cost £10 each.

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