Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Entry for West of Scotland Championship

It appears that we may now be able to hold the West of Scotland Ladies Close Championship on Sunday 9th May with tee times from 9.30- 11.30.

Venue: Cochrane Castle Golf Club, Scott Avenue, Johnstone, PA5 OHF

Closing date : 2nd May,  Handicap Index Limit : 20.4

The entry fee is £10 which can be paid by cheque (see paper entry form below)  or by BACS transfer (details will be forwarded later) but please do not pay until after closing date but before 7th May, in case we have to cancel the competition.

Please read the Conditions of  Competition document.

You may enter by completing the Paper Entry Form  below or online using the following link.

Online Entry Form

Paper Entry Form

Conditions of competition

Details of any COVID restrictions will be sent to applicants,

Should you need to cancel your entry please contact Jean Macintyre, email llcgawebmaster@btinternet ,com