Thursday, 28 May 2020

Fun County competition

To celebrate the opening of courses announced by Nicola today we thought we would have a wee challenge for you all.    As we have missed so many County medals, we have decided to have the 'We're Oot at Last ' Medal.     This competition will be for your score for the first game of golf after the lockdown was lifted on 28th
Rules are
Must be your first game after 28th May.
Must be played by Fri 13th June.
If your club is only playing 9 holes, then add your first 2,  9 hole games together.
Rules in place at your Club apply ( eg some may have to putt out some may have gimmes etc)
Scores should be sent to Anne Lloyd by  email giving
                                       Name - Gross, Handicap, Net score and Club SS
It's simple and only a bit of fun so no disputes!     Prize for best Silver and Bronze score.
So Ladies, check your trolley, clean those clubs and make sure the clothes fit!
I look forward to receiving your scores.