Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Draw for Blackjack Cup and Junior Championship

The draws for the Blackjack Cup and Junior Championship at Wishaw GC on Monday 22nd July are shown below. Please arrive early in case of changes to times.
Should you need to withdraw please contact Jean Maddock ( new e mail address: )
 Please note food will only be available between 11am and 3pm. 
Draw for Junior Championship
9.30 Katie Graham     Megan Docherty
9.37 Jodie Graham     Kittie Maslanaka      Abigail McCafferty
Draw for Blackjack
9.44 Fiona Norris       Katie Scott     Eva O’Connor
9.51 Elspeth Inch       Karen Ward    Susan Halley
9.58 Jennifer Wiles    Mel Watt        Nora Wilson
10.05 Irene Nisbet     Barbara Brown    Margaret Allan
10.12 Pam Rice            Edna Taylor      Jean Maddock

1.30 Susan Greenshields     Lesley Neill    Joan Anderson
1.37 Aileen Woodland        Anne Sinclair    Margaret Marshall
1.44 Anita Carnochan         Christine Paterson   Ray  Wilson
1.51 Anne Morrison           Jean Allan     Esther Lillie
1.58 Anne Gracie                Frances Stobo   Marion Craig