Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Volunteers required for Junior Tour Events

In previous years, Scottish Golf have operated Junior Tour events.    These were removed from the Scottish Golf schedule this year, however SGL received awareness that some Areas and Counties had an appetite for these events to exist, helping provide a more robust competition structure for young aspiring golfers both male and female. 
Paul Gibson from The Lothians has taken a lead on trying to establish 4 one day 36 hole events this year as a starting point.  The events will be organised and run with the help and assistance of Area and County representatives and volunteers. 
Scottish Golf are supportive of the initiative and these events will be recognised as boys and girls Order of Merit events. To assist Paul he is looking to have a county representative to help him with the girls side of the events. The role of this representative would be the main point of contact for girls and assist with the organisation of the events. 
If anyone from LLCGA would like to be involved please contact by email before 25th February.  The first event is planned for April 14th at Southerness Golf Club.