Monday, 26 September 2016

Scottish Golf are looking to recruit more Course Raters

At Scottish Golf, we are continuously looking to improve the service we provide to our member golf clubs. We are very aware that certain regions of the country are under resourced and will require a greater number of fully trained course raters in order to fulfil our course rating obligations. Therefore, we are about to embark upon an extensive volunteer recruitment drive and wanted to share with you the “advertisement” and “role descriptor” that will be used in the coming months to hopefully attract more support for course rating.

As part of this new approach, we aim to provide more training and support not only to the new recruits we are seeking but also to our current team of volunteers. The Scottish Golf Handicapping and Course Rating Committee has taken the decision to roll out an accreditation scheme which incorporates four distinct stages. The final stage will consist of a calibration quiz and participation in a five hole course rating. This is very much in line with the most recent USGA calibration seminar and will hopefully provide a solid grounding for new course raters and possibly existing volunteers.
To view the advertisement and role descriptor please click on the following links:
Course Rating Volunteer Advertisement
Benefits of Course Rating
Course Rating Team Member Role Description
If you are interested please contact Janice Paterson, Roxy Brown or Alyson Hendry.