Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Minutes of 2014 AGM and 2015 Prizewinners

To view the minutes of last year's AGM please click on the link below.
AGM 2014 Minutes

2015 Prizewinners
Winter Foursomes 2014/2015
Runners Up: Pauline Warlaw  & Carol McKinnon, Cathkin Braes      
Winners: Irene Morton & Lynne Williamson, Kirkhill             
2014 Spoon Finals
Winner:  Anne Roulston, East Kilbride  
Spoon Competitions:           
                                                         Handicap        Scratch              
May            1st Class    Lesley Lloyd , Fiona Norris
                   2nd Class  Lesley Neill , Lesley Neill
June )        1st Class    Irene Morrison ,Fiona Norris 
                  2nd Class  Marie Hamilton, Fiona McWhirter                                         
July           1st Class    Molly Richmond, Susan Wood  
                  2nd Class   Marcia Stirling,  Marcia Stirling
September 1st Class Fiona Scott,  Fiona Scott 
                    2nd Class Dawn Warnock , Dawn Warnock
Centenary Rosebowl: (best net score in September Spoon) Dawn Warnock
Coronation Medal: Best Net Score in Spoons (-2 BIH) Dawn Warnock     
IMF Brooches: Best score in all competitions 
gross: (0) Susan Wood  Net score: (-4) Molly Richmond
Inter County Foursomes: Qualifying Round – Mount Ellen GC
Scratch:     1. Jane Lees, Cathkin Braes, & Gail Campbell, East Kilbride.
                       2. Irene Morton & Lynne Williamson, Kirkhill                   
Handicap: 1. Joan Anderson & Margaret Marshall, Wishaw
                   2. Anne Sillars & Jan McMillan, Hayston
                   3. Pat Casey, Mount Ellen & Anne Lloyd, Hayston
                   4. Kay Cherrie, Mount Ellen & Heather Stewart, Hamilton
Stevenson Trophy: (Senior Competition) – aggregate of two best net scores from spoons.              
Winner : Joan Anderson                                                                  
Nancy’s Cup: Molly Richmond, Strathaven                                                              
Junior Championship Salver: Molly Richmond, Strathaven            
Junior Scratch Cup: Kirsten Brown, Strathaven                                                      
Blackjack Cup: Runner Up: Shirley Dalrymple, Hayston 
Winner: Marion Brodie  Strathaven
FJ Morison Cup: Runner Up: Kirsten Brown, Strathaven
Winner: Molly Richmond, Strathaven Handicap Prize: Katie Scott   Strathaven  
Centenary Salver: (Best net score in championship or Bronze Trophy) Jean Allan, Strathaven
Bronze Championship: Runner Up: Margaret Marshall, Wishaw;                       
Winner: Nora Wilson, Strathaven                                                                                                   
Joan Norris Memorial Trophy: (leading qualifier in championship): Susan Wood, Drumpellier      
Allan Trophy: (Runner up to champion): Fiona Norris, Hamilton                                       
Maitland Trophy (County Champion 2015): Lesley Lloyd, Hayston                  
Prizes already awarded:  Semi finalists in championship: Susan Wood and Janice Paterson

 Leading qualifier in Bronze Championship: Jean Allan, Strathaven.