Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Report from SLGA website re EGM

The Scottish Ladies’ Golfing Association today (25 May) held an Extraordinary General Meeting with the sole purpose of considering the proposal for the organisation’s amalgamation with the Scottish Golf Union. This proposal has been widely consulted upon with the voting members of both the SLGA (Clubs and Counties) and the SGU (Areas).
The proposal was carried by a significant majority, with 93.03% of votes cast being in favour of its adoption. The amateur game’s key stakeholders, in particular major funders sportscotland and other commercial sponsors and partners, have also strongly supported the proposal. The SGU’s Extraordinary Meeting is to be held tomorrow night, and the amalgamation will proceed if the Areas cast 12 of their 16 votes in favour.
Shona Malcolm, the SLGA Chairman, said on the conclusion of the meeting:-
“The SLGA Board is delighted with the outcome of the members’ vote and would like to take the opportunity to thank all of those who participated during the lengthy and extensive consultation process. Throughout the process the SLGA members have demonstrated a commitment to the future development and governance of Scottish amateur golf, with no thought of self interest.
The SLGA is committed to progressing the amalgamation to its conclusion, while protecting the democratic principle of the clubs, the main funders of Scottish amateur golf, being the voting members”.

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