Monday, 10 August 2009

Texas Scramble

After much crossing of fingers our centenary texas scramble beat the summer rains and as you have read in Jean's earlier post 84 ladies had an enjoyable day. As captain i have had few sleepless nights worrying about the weather and what to do with 90+ ladies in the clubhouse waiting for lunch to be served. A received text at 5.50am this morning advising that the course may be unplayable due to overnight rain just about threw me over the edge -- but i need not have worried, our prayer mat did not let us down. My thanks to you all for your good humour today, it is a pleasure to be captain of the best county in Scotland. I hope you all had a fun day out. I am now sitting in dark room with a perfectly chilled white.

Ps. Jean Mac has now gone on a well deserved break. Photographs of the day will be available at the weekend.

PPs. Earlier post confirmed that plan b would come into force if the weather was suspect, can i tell you i had no idea what plan b was ??

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